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  Pinyin: Ze Xie        Latin: Alismatis Rhizoma  

Alisma is an aquatic perennial with erect or floating leaves.  It is found in shallow water, marsh areas, and pond and stream borders.

It has oval or elliptic leaves approximately 1 1/4 to 8 inches long and 1 1/4 to 6 inches wide and sharply pointed at the end of the leaf. 

The root of the plant is what is typically used in herbal medicine.*




Organ Meridian Systems :

Kidney, Spleen, Stomach

Properties :
Cold Nature, Sweet, and Bland

Traditional Medicinal Uses:

Alisma is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help strengthen water metabolism, which is a critical bodily function. It rids the body of excess dampness through the urinary tract. It is mild and safe with mild tonic qualities, especially to the Kidney and Bladder, and to the Spleen and Stomach as well.*

In TCM, it is known as an excellent herb to use in a tonic program by those who need to stimulate fluid function, so long as you do not have a cold constitution. Alisma is a natural diuretic. It helps the body to shed excess retained water.  It is often combined with other herbs to create formulas used for kidney and bladder problems.*

Traditionally it has been used in both Chinese and Japanese herbal traditions to as a tonic for kidney stones, pelvic infections, nephritisabdominal bloating, diarrhea, diabetes and urinary tract infections. TCM pracititioners also view Alisma to have antibacterial support.*


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