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  Bamboo Juice (dried)  
  Pinyin: Zhu li        Latin: Phyllostachys nigra  

Bamboo is a type of grass and is the fastest growing plant in the world. Some varieties grow at a peak rate of 5 cm (2 inches) per hour; more typical rates are 10 cm per day.

Thanks to the strong stems, bamboo can tower several meters; the tallest reaching about 20 meters (over 60 feet). The type of bamboo used in Chinese medicine is called Black Bamboo. Bamboo Juice is also referred to at bamboo sap.

Fresh cut bamboo with outer surface removed (as for making zhuru) is cut (but not shaved) and heated to release the sap from the ends of the pieces. The sap has a light yellow color.



Organ Meridian Systems :
Heart, Lung, Stomach

Properties :
Cold, Slippery, Ideal for Transforming Hot, Transforms Phlegm

Traditional Medicinal Uses:

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is used in acute feverish diseases, cough due to lung heat with profuse expectoration, loss of consciousness. Bamboo is considered sweet, cold, clears heat, resolves phlegm.


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