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  Pinyin: Ling Chi        Latin: ganoderma lucidum  

It is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that Ling Zhi and other mushrooms (Shiitake and Maitake) can lower cholesterol and thin the blood by reducing platelet stickiness, resulting to lower high blood pressure in humans. Many East Asian TCM medical practitioners have found the benefit of this mushroom in its ability to calm the human mind and treat disease.*

In TCM, this mushroom is consumed purely for its medicinal properties including: strengthening the immune system, improving kidney function, strengthening the body for a variety of diseases including viral hepatitis, allergies, insomnia, neurasthenia (fatigue due to exhaustion of the nervous system) as well as improving overall health.*



  Spine Helper  
  Restore Immune  
  Muscle Helper  
  Breathe Free Kit ( 1 Breathe Restore and 1 Immune Restore)  
  Joint Helper  
  Fibro Helper  
  Crohn's II Kit  
  Kidney Helper  
  Acid Free  
  Anti-Ox 400  
  Kidney Cleanze  
  Immune Restore  
  Calm Well  
  Immune Support Plus  
  Kidney Well II 120 Capsules  
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