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  Ophiopogonis Tuber  
  Pinyin: Mai Men Dong        Latin: Radix Ophiopononis  

The Ophiopogonis plant is characterized by its long thing green leaves and its multiple, laterally growing and linked tubers.

The tubers are typically an inch in length with a yellowish white, wrinkled surface, with a sweet and slightly bitter taste.



Organ Meridian Systems :
Heart, Lung, Stomach

Properties :
Sweet, Slightly Bitter, Slightly Cold

Traditional Medicinal Uses:

Ophiopogonis Radix is used to moistens the lungs and is recommended when there is hacking, dry cough, or a cough with thick sputum, or when there is coughing uyp of blood.

The herbs is said to cool and nourish the yin of the Lungs, Heart and Stomach. It has been reported that Ophiopogon is able to lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation and protect the body from bacterial infections.


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