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  Pinyin: di huang        Latin: Rehmannia glutinosa  

Rehmannia is a perennial herb that is native to Asia. It has reddish violet flowers and is often called Chinese Foxglove.

The root of the plan is used in Oriental medicine throughout China, Japan and Korea.

It is know for it organ strengthening properties of the Heart, Kidneys, and the Liver.



Organ Meridian Systems :
Heart, Kidney, Liver

Properties :
Sweet, Bitter, Cold

Traditional Medicinal Uses:
Rehmannia contains Vitamin A, B, C, D, and amino acids. It has been traditionally used to tonify the blood, relieve fatigue, help with anemia, reduce blood pressure, lower glucose levels, increase circulation to the brain, and used for diabetes.


  Blood Helper  
  ITP Kit  
  Kidney Restore II Capsules 120ct  
  ITP Special  
  Blood Well  
  Kidney Restore II Capsules (120)  
  Blood Well  
  Blood Well Special  
  Kidney Well II 120 Capsules  
  Blood Well 15 Day Supply  
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